Anne Vieux


Anne Vieux (b. 1985, Michigan) is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn NY. She received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. Vieux works in the great tradition of artists who use tools wrong. Innovation through misuse is a key part of how artists are responding to technology, and here the artist starts by confounding the CCD array of a scanner by training it on holographic paper. The light source of the scanner explodes the spectrum of the paper and the lens records an otherworldly topography of insane colors and shapes.

Recent shows include “A Space For Thought” at Brand New Gallery, Milan; “Tennis Elbow” at The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn; “Unfamiliar Again” at the Newcomb Art Museum, Louisiana; “Mesh” at Annka Kultys Gallery, London. Anne currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Anne Vieux Skylight 01-001
”Thinking about this particular building in Bentonville, I was reminded of driving through the country and the vast horizons that fascinated me growing up in Oklahoma.“

— Anne Vieux

Anne Vieux Skylight 02-001
Anne Vieux Skylight 02-002
Anne Vieux Skylight 02-003
”Edges, horizons, and light have always been of interest to me. An architecture often disrupts the boundary between the ground and the sky. And here both are activated.“

— Anne Vieux

Anne Vieux Skylight 03-001
Anne Vieux Skylight 03-002
Anne Vieux Skylight 03-004
Anne Vieux Skylight 03-003
Anne Vieux Skylight 03-005