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Daniel Popper’s “Heartland” 2018

Take a cultural getaway with OZ Art NWA, an unforgettable network of spaces and platforms for emerging artists to showcase their talents and viewpoints across Northwest Arkansas.

Lose yourself in the beauty of the Ozarks while discovering emotional artistry installed at various points along the OZ Trails. Enjoy the fine eats and drinks at favorite local establishments while you experience the elation of art pieces curated from artists on the rise.

Exploration is a way of life in Bentonville. OZ Art NWA is about incorporating beautiful and inspiring art in our everyday lives in Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas.

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Brand New in Bentonville

OZ Art NWA and Justkids have partnered to bring artist Ouizi to Bentonville for a large public art installation. The mural is located in downtown Bentonville on the corner of Main and 2nd Streets. Ouizi began her work March 30th and took two weeks to complete.

“I am delighted and humbled to return to Bentonville to paint a new mural in the town square,” said the artist Ouizi. “When I was last here painting inside Crystal Bridges, it was Summer, so I look forward to seeing the city in the Spring!”

Louise Jones (née Chen), aka Ouizi, was born and raised in Santa Monica, Calif. to Shanghainese parents. She is best known for her large-scale floral mural installations which can be seen in public spaces throughout the United States, from museums to public parks. The murals often depict site-specific plants and animals, and the techniques are uniquely informed by her education in drawing and printmaking.

Ouizi’s affinity towards botanical subjects continues to grow, stemming from an early introduction to Georgia O’Keeffe and fond memories of picking figs with her grandmother. She currently lives and works in Detroit.

Ouizi Photo
Thaden School

Riding or Walking:

How To Find Our Art

Your outdoor adventure awaits both on foot and on a bike. If you’re looking for a social scene with eats and drinks, our curated art collections can be found at The CollectionCrystal BridgesThe Momentary, or any of these special venues.

To keep the experience unique for all, our installations are changed often. Check back to see when new exhibits or events are coming. Our upcoming map of installations will show you the locations along OZ Trails, and you can visit these establishments to discover a piece of art that just might feed your soul.

Experience Art


Griffin Loop’s “Paper Airplane” 2019

The Collection

Ashley Longshore’s “George Washington Supreme”
and “Abe Lincoln with Sunglasses and Koi” 2018

Museum Quality, Fine Art
in Surprising Places

Imagine being in a coffee shop paying for your morning latte and you spot an original and authentic piece of art behind the bar. Or you’re riding your bike down Central Avenue and you see a massive neon installation on the side of the road. You’ll experience that in real life in Bentonville because of The Collection.

The Collection brings amazing, museum-worthy paintings and installations to the most unexpected places in Northwest Arkansas. This museum-quality art, accessible in various public spaces, is beautifying our area and bringing into view important issues, such as diversity, gender equality, and racial equity. Through The Collection, art becomes a daily part of our lives and gives us the ability to see beyond our own views. We may seem like a small town, but we have a big appreciation for fine art. The Collection shares that with all of us.

Expect to see art in unexpected places as we bring nationally and internationally recognized artists to the Heartland and outside of museum walls. By bringing art into the community’s everyday rhythm, we create energy and vitality for people and places.

So, keep your eyes open. Wherever you are in NWA, The Collection just might be there with you.

Where To See The Collection

Blake Street House

VENUE VIBE: This modernized wellness and fitness club features The House, which elevates change, connection, and togetherness through common ground, social experiences, good food, drink, music, and art. Curated with global artists, from Arkansas-natives to LA-based muralists and illustrators, The House’s art collections flow through each room, creating inspiration at every turn.

ART APPEAL: You’ll see acrylic and gouache on dollar bills, watercolors, bronzed statues, oil and charcoal on linens, silver halide, Leon Russell, Johnny Cash, marquetry, leather gloves, daguerreotype…heck, you’ll even find acrylic marker on cardboard. Whatever you’re searching for, you’ll find it at Blake Street House.


Blu Fresh Fish Market

VENUE VIBE: A fish house that will make you say “Oh my gosh,” which also happens to be the name of one of our delicious sushi rolls. We fly our fish and other seafood in daily to fill our fish market, restaurant and sushi bar; so fresh, you’ll taste the ocean. Also enjoy live music, outdoor patio, and great drinks.

ART APPEAL: Come on in and find out. The neon mermaid sign outside is just the beginning.


Pedaler’s Pub

VENUE VIBE: Feel the fun, vibrant energy inside and out at this Bentonville hotspot. Enjoy live music on their supersized patio and watch them make handcrafted, wood-fired pizzas in their outdoor kitchen. It’s right off the bike trail so you and your pals or fam can cool off inside with a cold drink after a long ride. Pedaler’s Pub pays homage to our awesome trail system and the growth of the Northwest Arkansas cycling community. Don’t be surprised to see bikes all over the place, including suspended overhead.

ART APPEAL: Come on in and find out.


The Preacher’s Son

VENUE VIBE: Open for lunch and dinner, this farm-to-table eatery sustainably sources menu items from local farmers and ranchers. Seasonal craft cocktails complement the bright, beautiful, and delicious dishes curated by head Chef Matthew Cooper. Previously a church where Chef Matthew’s father preached over 40 years ago (!), the restaurant showcases art at every corner, making it the perfect place to include The Collection pieces. The story of the building, along with the phenomenal food, make this venue unforgettable.

ART APPEAL: Soaring stained glass windows, designed by local legend, George Dombek, shed light on the 288 gold bells hanging in the historic bell tower in this Gothic architectural masterpiece. Pieces such as the electric and eclectic Do the Rocherre by Nolan Hendrickson are also floating about.



VENUE VIBE: With a variety of ways to enjoy the eats and drinks (sit down or grabn’go breakfast, lunch and dinner, or hangout with hot and cold beverages), Pressroom brings casual cuisine, music and energy to the Bentonville square. Meet new friends at a communal table or have an intimate dinner date. Regardless of when you’re there, you will experience pops of art, such as a full-sized crocheted bicycle, that compliment the downhome-yet-urban environment. See the Crosby – a true museum piece inside the restaurant. Cuisine designed by Executive Chef Travis McConnell.

ART APPEAL: Provocative, playful and totally unexpected. You’ll find a giant Abe Lincoln wearing shades or another hip-hopped version of our Founding Fathers next to mind-bending oil canvases. You’ll want to see this stuff. Word.


Scotch & Soda

VENUE VIBE: The prohibition-era interior design brings to life the 250+ Scottish and American whisk(e)ys displayed behind the bar. We’ve got something for everyone (of age) on our drink and food menus – rare pours and single barrels, Old Fashioneds, house scotch jerky, small plates, charcuterie boards, and full meals. Need another reason to visit? It’s been dubbed the No.1 whiskey bar in the state of Arkansas.

ART APPEAL: Come on in and find out.


Thaden Fieldhouse

VENUE VIBE: The highest adventure for NWA, Thaden Field (KVBT) opens a backcountry portal into an aviation polestar. This place isn’t’ just for planes. You’ll find aerobatic aviation, an exhibition hangar, FAA education center, scenic flights, discovery flights, bike and canoe rentals, lawn games, and more. You can watch planes take off and land while dining at the all-day, diner-style, modern cafe, LOUISE at Thaden Field. It’s namesake, Louise M. Thaden, is a local groundbreaking, air-shattering, record-setting, female aviator. The history, architecture, and aviation at Thaden Field is your ticket to adventure.

ART APPEAL: George Dombek’s vivid, architectural watercolors of Arkansas counties is just part of the art that will have you floating on air.



VENUE VIBE: Cultural art and authentic street food welcome you as you walk into the small but mighty Mezcaleria. Its walls are adorned with vibrant art painted by renowned artist Octavio Logo, telling stories of Mexican roots and traditions. Yeyo’s brings classic Mexican street food to the streets of Bentonville with a modern farm to table concept.

ART APPEAL: Said best by founder and executive chef Rafael Rios, it’s a spiritual connection between artisanal Mezcal, art, food and people.


Gallery of The Collection Art

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