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Daniel Popper’s “Heartland” 2018

Take a cultural getaway with OZ Art NWA, an unforgettable network of spaces and platforms for emerging artists to showcase their talents and viewpoints across Northwest Arkansas.

Lose yourself in the beauty of the Ozarks while discovering emotional artistry installed at various points along the OZ Trails. Enjoy the fine eats and drinks at favorite local establishments while you experience the elation of art pieces curated from artists on the rise.

Exploration is a way of life in Bentonville. OZ Art NWA is about incorporating beautiful and inspiring art in our everyday lives in Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas.

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Absolutely stunning!
Great job @ouizi


“I’m going to love driving past that everyday!!! Make it Happy!!!!”

YA big shout out to @ozartnwa for embellishing our local businesses and community with gorgeous local artwork.

I ❤️ THIS!!!!!

Bikes + Public Art + Smiles = Three things you’ll find in the #MTBCaptialoftheWorld!


The art piece will be a landmark for the hundreds of hikers, bikers and others who use the Northwoods Trails.
– Monty Ledbetter, Hot Springs City Utilities Director

Japanese American Artist Helen Oji’s kimono paintings added to collection

OZ Art NWA has acquired three artworks by Helen Oji from Estrada Fine Art. These highly regarded paintings from Oji’s “Kimono” series were first exhibited at the Monique Knowlton Gallery in New York in 1982 and will be on view on a rotating basis in Bentonville, Ark. Japanese American artist Oji burst onto the 1980s New York art scene with her “Kimono” series shortly after moving there in 1976 from her hometown of Sacramento, Calif. Oji has folded multiple sheets of paper in what she has described as a “pseudo-origami process” to build kimono-shaped canvases that were then thickly layered with acrylic and rhoplex to incorporate textured, arresting images of Japanese iconography and natural phenomena, like volcanos and swarms of bees.

Griffen Loop's Flight Interrupted at Osage Park

Riding or Walking:

How To Find Our Art

Your outdoor adventure awaits both on foot and on a bike. If you’re looking for a social scene with eats and drinks, our curated art collections can be found at The Collection or any of these special venues.

To keep the experience unique for all, our installations are changed often. Check back to see when new exhibits or events are coming. Our upcoming map of installations will show you the locations along OZ Trails, and you can visit these establishments to discover a piece of art that just might feed your soul.


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Griffin Loop’s “Flight Intention” 2019

Torres' "Garden Boats for Osage Park"

Jennifer Torres‘ “Garden Boats for Osage Park” 2020

Ashley Longshore’s “George Washington Supreme” and “Abe Lincoln with Sunglasses and Koi” 2018

The Collection

Imagine being in a coffee shop paying for your morning latte and you spot an original and authentic piece of art behind the bar. Or you’re riding your bike down Central Avenue and you see a massive neon installation on the side of the road. You’ll experience that in real life in Bentonville because of The Collection.


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Ashley Longshore’s “George Washington Supreme”
and “Abe Lincoln with Sunglasses and Koi” 2018