The Collection

Ashley Longshore’s “George Washington Supreme” and “Abe Lincoln with Sunglasses and Koi” 2018

Museum Quality, Fine Art
in Surprising Places

Imagine being in a coffee shop paying for your morning latte and you spot an original and authentic piece of art behind the bar. Or you’re riding your bike down Central Avenue and you see a massive neon installation on the side of the road. You’ll experience that in real life in Bentonville because of The Collection.

The Collection brings amazing, museum-worthy paintings and installations to the most unexpected places in Northwest Arkansas. This museum-quality art, accessible in various public spaces, is beautifying our area and bringing into view important issues, such as diversity, gender equality, and racial equity. Through The Collection, art becomes a daily part of our lives and gives us the ability to see beyond our own views. We may seem like a small town, but we have a big appreciation for fine art. The Collection shares that with all of us.

Expect to see art in unexpected places as we bring nationally and internationally recognized artists to the Heartland and outside of museum walls. By bringing art into the community’s everyday rhythm, we create energy and vitality for people and places.

So, keep your eyes open. Wherever you are in NWA, The Collection just might be there with you.

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