Griffin Loop’s “Paper Airplane” 2019

The ultimate urban park full of natural experiences and recreational adventures. Osage Park is a thrilling destination for visitors of all ages, interests, and abilities. You can become a champion archer, a leading conservationist, or simply a curious explorer. Access our floating boardwalks around the park’s 12-acre wetland ecosystem or try out the unique programming at The Quiver Archery Range. Explore the native wetlands, play pickleball, visit the dog park, enjoy live music, or connect with your surroundings.

Chad Alligood

Curator Chad Alligood

Chad Alligood, an independent curator and art historian, worked with OZ Art NWA on assembling this collection.

He has worked as a curator at the Huntington Library, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and Cranbrook Art Museum, and taught art history at Brooklyn College. His exhibitions have appeared at museums across the U.S. Chad is the President of the Board at Voices in Contemporary Art (VoCA), a nonprofit dedicated to uplifting the voices of artists. Chad believes in the power of art, and in the importance of artists. He didn’t grow up with access to art, and as a result is passionate about connecting people with art—in ways that are human, accessible, and pertinent to their lives.

Current Art on View

Booker's Deja Vu at Osage Park

Déjá Vu

Chakaia Booker
Rubber tires and stainless steel
246x312x204 in.

Griffin Loop, Launch Intention

Launch Intention

Griffin Loop
25 ft.

Doster, Flight


Bob Doster
Cor-ten Steel
216x84x84 in.

Torres' "Garden Boats for Osage Park"

Garden Boats for Osage Park

Jennifer Torres
Stainless steel

Ward, Tall Grass

Tall Grass

Asia Ward
Plastic globes, solar lights
24×15 ft.

Myatt, Fluttering Quilt

Fluttering Quilts

Greely Myatt
Aluminum, cut traffic signs, steel