Hilda “Poni” Palafox

“Natural State United”

Hilda “Poni” Palafox (b. 1982, Mexico City, MX) is one of the most famous contemporary Mexican illustrators. She was trained in graphic design by the National School of Design of the INBA. The subjects and figurations in Hilda’s work are mostly women, and even though some may want to associate her as a female artist focused on femininity, she’ll beg to differ and through her subjects create emphasis in organic forms and lines that fluidly represent states of nature. She enjoys mixing and matching techniques, for each piece the results are always held together by gracefulness. Subtle suggestions of expressions and emotions held together by light bodies and romantic surroundings. “Poni” has produced Murals across the US, Latin America and Europe and has collaborated with brands like Vans, Red Bull, Kichink, Mercadorama, and Google among others. Her Illustrations have graced covers and publications like Juxtapoz, Frankie Magazine, Travesías, Gatopardo, and Instagrafite.

“Natural State United. I think the three words can work, or can be very powerful separated. And if you make a sentence, it can mean something else.”

— Hilda “Poni“ Palafox

“It also has a little soft message in between images and lines that we have to take care of the planet and be nice with each other.”

— Hilda “Poni“ Palafox