Keya Tama

“We Are Us Together”

Keya Tama Is a South African artist based in Los Angeles who aims to “reunite old and new through contrasting yet unified iconography.” Tama has a talent for crafting interlocking creatures, either in the backgrounds of his paintings or in the form of murals. Tama has painted murals and shown with galleries around the world since the age of thirteen. His style can be described as ancient contemporary minimalism as his work aims to reunite old and new through contrasting yet unified iconography.

”My dad was very into sign painting graffiti, and he does tattoos. My mom’s a fine art painter and muralist. And so I was around a very conducive ecosystem for becoming an artist.“

— Keya Tama

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”It’s truly the hardest I’ve ever worked on a mural. Everyone in this community has been very positive, accommodating, and it’s really warmed my heart.“

— Keya Tama

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