“I’ll Bring You Flowers”

Lakwena Maciver (b.1986) is an artist of British and Ugandan heritage born and based in London. Her work, primarily text-based, employs a combination of words, patterns, and acid-bright colors to create painted prayers and meditations which respond to and re-appropriate elements of popular culture and mass communication.

Lakwena’s most recent body of work focuses on the interplay between her practices as both artist and mother of two young sons. Creativity as a space of protection and healing takes on a wider meaning in her current reality, reshaping previous ideas around color, space, texture, language and sound. Lakwena’s ability to distill an idea and encapsulate it in a single phrase is one of the reasons her work is so memorable, empowering us with words and patterns, encouraging us to be brave and stand tall.

Lakwena has created works in the public realm internationally, from installations at Tate Britain, Somerset House, Facebook, and the Southbank Centre in London, to a juvenile detention center in northwest Arkansas, a monastery in Vienna, and the Bowery Wall in New York City.

“I’ve always been interested in using art as a way to speak truth, and that continues now in the work that I make.”

— Lakwena

Lakwena Mural 01-001
Lakwena Mural 01-002
Lakwena Mural 01-003
Lakwena Mural 01-004
“Unity, people coming together and playing on a basketball court almost looks like choreography when you see it happen. It’s going to be really beautiful seeing people dancing around on this canvas.”

— Lakwena

Lakwena Mural 02-001
Lakwena Mural 02-002
Alexis Diaz Mural 02-003