Griffin Loop, "Launch Intention"

Launch Intention

Griffin Loop Current location:

Osage Park

2019 Steel 25 ft
“A paper airplane represents youthful innocence and fun. It is one of the first things we create as children and launch into the world. The Launch Intention project, based around this childhood symbol, takes us back to that carefree imagination and freedom. It stands for tapping into the intuitive self and truth we all have. Embracing the dreams and path we are ultimately supposed to take. A platform to solidify these dreams and share with each other and the world. A symbol for optimism and hope. Self. Community. Support. Vulnerability and accountability. Launch Intention is a reminder for all to free yourself. Set intention and launch into action and the world.”

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Griffen Loop's "Launch Intention" at Osage Park Griffin Loop’s "Launch Intention" 2019 Griffin Loop’s "Launch Intention" 2019